Course: Understanding Dreams and Visions - Millgrove, Ontario Instructors: Joshua Hoffert

Understanding Dreams And Visions is filled with supernatural adventure and prophetic insight. This advanced level course reveals in greater depth how God speaks through dreams and visions. It consists of 21 hours of teaching. In addition to class time, optional homework assignments are provided.

Syllabus Includes:
Introduction to Visions
Biblical Terminology for Dreams and Visions
History of Dreams from God
Dreams: God's Night Parables
Basic Types and Symbols
Intuitive Dream Recording
Basic Interpretation Skills
Dream Functions
20 Categories of Dreams
Spectrums of Light
Parabolic Principles in Dreams
Elements of Dreams
Colors in Dreams
Five Ways of Recording Dreams
How to Remember Your Dreams
Developing Your Dream Vocabulary

It is suggested to take The Art of Hearing God before this course.

Flamborough Christian Fellowship
329 6th Concession St. East
Millgrove, Ontario
There is no fee for this event. Course manuals may be purchased for $40/manual.
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